Saturday, August 22, 2009

Copake Falls Day is a Go!

The ground is a little wet from last night's rain but it is NOT raining in Copake Falls this morning! So please join us for a great day, rain or shine! Our schedule is here: Copake Falls Day Schedule.


  1. My Handsome Husband (HH) and I travelled to Copake Falls from Ballston Spa today. Despite ENDLESS horrid rain this summer, we enjoyed our day. The HH (who also blogs, at liked the concert at the St. John in the Wilderness Church. Bee Balm Gal liked the hidden garden tour. Copake Falls is a lovely spot. Lots of friendly folks there. How about no rain next year? Cheers...

  2. The committee voted and it's unanimous: NO RAIN NEXT YEAR!

    Thanks for coming down from Ballston Spa. Hope we'll see you in Copake Falls again!