Monday, July 12, 2010

Third Annual Copake Falls Day

SATURDAY, AUGUST 21st IS THE DAY! Your neighbors have been busy all year planning this year's events and you are invited to join in the festivities. If you'd like to help park cars, direct traffic, help at a site or activity, let us know!
Here's a Sampling of the Day's Activities
7:30 AM - 5k, 10k Cross Country Run in the Wilderness. Email our race organizer for more info
8:15 AM - Cross County Run begins
10:00 AM - Opening Ceremony at the Triangle – Presentation of Good Neighbor Award, Family Fun Run on the Rail Trail, Bike Riding Events
2:00 PM - Winds in the Wilderness concert at the Church of St. John in the Wilderness
3:30 PM - Raffle and Auction Drawings
4:00 PM - Play, "A Lady of Letters" at Church of St. John in the Wilderness
5:30 PM - Beef Barbeque by our very own Pitmaster, Kevin Silvernail

All Day
Farmers' Market at the Hamlet Apartments
Art Show at the Church of St. John in the Wilderness
Hidden Gardens of Copake Falls including Margaret Roach's
Tour of Historic Homes in the Hamlet, Face Painting
Kids' Art Contest, Scavenger Hunt and other Kids' Activities
Farms of the Roe Jan Area Exhibit at the Roeliff Jansen Historical Society Museum
Visit a Dairy Farm and Watch the Milking of the Cows
Exhibits on the Rail Trail
Fly Fishing Demonstration
19th Century Ironmaking Demonstration at the Iron Works
Chance Auction and Big Prize Raffle
Lunch at the Taconic Wayside Inn or the Depot Deli
Bring your Bathing Suit and Take a Dip in the Ore Bed

Barbeque Tickets Available at the Depot Deli and Bash Bish Bicycle or call: 329.0395
For Raffle and Chance Auction Tickets Call: 329.2851
To Volunteer Call: 329.0395 or 329.3251
Visit our Website at

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